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    HDMI port or software problem?




      I recently assembled a desktop system and am experiencing a very strange bug which is either some sort of HDMI port or software problem - I cannot tell exactly. I have an Intel Core i7-4770 running on a Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H. My initial configuration of displays connected to it was the following:

      VGA: Monitor 1, HDMI: Monitor 2, DisplayPort: DP-DVI adapter -> Monitor 3

      I was able to configure and use all three monitors using the latest driver in Windows 7 64-bit, but experienced the following issue: When shutting down the system and booting it up later, the monitor on the HDMI port was no longer recognized. The only way to work around this (after lots of trial and error) was to unplug all cables from all ports at this point, plug them in again, reboot the system and everything was fine again. However, the problem reappeared as soon as the system was booted again after a shut down. This workaround was a very time-consuming and annoying process, so I thought that there was a problem with my configuration. I immediately blamed it on the DP-DVI adapter and changed my configuration to the following:

      VGA: Monitor 1, HDMI: Monitor 2, DVI: Monitor 3

      However, this resulted in an even stranger problem: No matter what I do, the monitor connected to the HDMI port (an LG FLATRON W2442PA, in case this is relevant) was not recognized at all. Even plugging and unplugging and/or rebooting did not help in this case. It is not even possible to boot having only the monitor on the HDMI port plugged in (and all others unplugged). I don't know whether this is an HDMI port or a software problem, but it is very annoying. Is there any workaround or fix which allows me to use all three monitors without any of the problems mentioned above?


      Thank you in advance for your answer

      Best regards