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    Identify issue with amber blinking light on the front panel (S5520SC)


      In the technical product specification  of the board I can see that the problem can be connected with on of the following issues:

      – Critical temperature threshold asserted

      – CATERR asserted

      – Critical voltage threshold asserted

      – VRD hot asserted

      – SMI Timeout asserted


      First thing that caught my attention were metrics from vsphere client which shows that one of the fan was spinning at half of speed (1500rpm) compared to the others. Is there any location to check any threshold value and if this can be a problem?


      Second issue that can be connected with the blinking led could be probably temperature of the  cpu. In the attached picture from vsphere temperatures are marked as normal but values seems to be messed up..


      Third thing that I came around in the /var/log/messages was a warning that one of the disk is above the temparature treshold. After checking smart parameters I could see that all metrics were ok except one - Driver Rated Max Temperature. Could this metric trigger the blinking led?


      esxcli storage core device smart get -d t10.ATA_____WDC_WD5000AAKS2D60YGA1___


      Parameter                     Value  Threshold  Worst

      ----------------------------  -----  ---------  -----

      Health Status                 OK     N/A        N/A

      Media Wearout Indicator       N/A    N/A        N/A

      Write Error Count             N/A    N/A        N/A

      Read Error Count              200    51         200

      Power-on Hours                61     0          61

      Power Cycle Count             100    0          100

      Reallocated Sector Count      200    140        200

      Raw Read Error Rate           200    51         200

      Drive Temperature             119    0          91

      Driver Rated Max Temperature  69     45         41 --  !!!!!!

      Write Sectors TOT Count       200    0          200

      Read Sectors TOT Count        200    51         200

      Initial Bad Block Count       100    97         100


      Tomorow I will probably open the case of the server and looked at fan led. Is there anything to be take in consideration before stepping into action?

      Thank you...