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    Intel HD 4600 - No 4K Resolution Listed


      Using the new Haswell processor on an Asus Z*&I-Deluxe motherboard.  Should have 4k resolution support.  Not seeing anything above 1920x1080 resolution listed in the driver control panel.


      How do I achieve 4k resolution?  (LG 84LM9600 - 84" 4k set)


      I am able to send it 4k from my Oppo BD-103 Blu Ray player,  so I know it works.


      Looked at CustomModeApp.exe and put in the appropriate numbers (I think) and it says it switches, but checking the set, it is not receiving a 4k signal - still on 1920x1080 60 Hz.


      Any recommendations would be extremely helpful.  Spoke to Asus and they sent me to you guys.


      Using Windows 8 Pro