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    DZ77GA-70K Bios Bug


      If i disable the secodary sata Controller on my DZ77GA-70K Board in BIOS booting is not possible anymore, neither from DVD, HDD or USB. And yes I Change the boot order!!! (Nothing is attached to that Controller, so I don't Need it). This happen since the last bios update to Ver. 0066.


      The main reason I want to disable thatController is because, during shut down of Win8 the HDD spins down and the spins up again to spin down for final shutdown - This never happend with the last bios Version. So please fix that.


      Another bug of the bios is about usb mouse and Keyboard: I use Mouse+Keyboard from logitech with wireless Receiver. These are not recognized by bios. They are only recognized by bios if a USB-wired mouse or Keyboard is attached - I hope that will be fixed also.