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    Intel Graphics Control Panel Inaccessible in Windows 8 - MSI GD65 BOARD


      Hi, I have a MSI GD-65  Z87 and i7-4770K (integrated HD 4600 graphic card). The OS is Windows 8.


      I have installed the latest graphics driver, but for some reason, there is no control panel I can access. The "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" shortcut created on the Start menu doesn't load anything after being clicked, nor is there any shortcut to the panel on the right-click menu at the desktop. Interestingly, there doesn't even seem to be a tab for Intel graphics in the advanced settings menu under screen resolution.


      I thought that I might have had to install the graphics driver that came on the CD with the motherboard first, but that doesn't seem to work in Windows 8.


      Please Advice