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    Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 and DG33BU compatibility problems


      Today i replaced my old but still good E2160 CPU with new Pentium Dual Core E6300 (SLGU9) but i'm having some issues on above mentioned board,the issue is that the cpu fan ramps up to 4000rpm immediately after post and stay on 4000rpm,i was thinking that the cpu cooler wasn't properly seated so i removed it and put it again but no luck, When i booted to Windows i have checked the cpu temperatures with Everest  and it was reading 76 degrees celsius on CPU,and cca 35 degreees on cores 1 and 2,i immediately rebooted and went to bios to check the temperature,to see that the processor thermal margin in bios was 24 degrees,so i'm thinking maybe that's what causing the fan ramp up,so i'm now asking is my CPU maybe bad or there is some incompatibility with my board ( intel compatiblity tool say they are compatible),bios version on the board is already latest 0517



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            Javed Lodhi


            First, your motherboard and CPU are compatible.

            Secondly, did you check out the following URL related to your motherboard?

            Thermal Zone Information (DG33BU): http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-012552.htm

            Though I am sure you must have carried out appropriate checks and balance earlier however I'd still suggest you look into Check for proper airflow and Other Troubleshooting Steps under High Temperature Alerts because in case of Pentium Dual-Core, many a times heatsink is not properly seated and locked though it might seem otherwise.

            Your BIOS is updated to latest so that shouldn't be a problem however can you confirm if you are able to see a Thermal and Acoustic Control tab under your BIOS? If so, did you try changing it's values from Performance to Acoustic Control. Moreover, you might want to look into the tested chassis list cause sometimes, adding up a more powerful CPU that has more Thermal design specifications require more powerful PSU and motherboard accordingly requires a tested chassis.

            Proceed with the steps listed in the URL I mentioned above however if you still do not succeed, feel free to write to us.

            Last but not the least, you might want to download and run this utility:

            LANDesk* System Manager *


            Additional Resources
            For additional information, refer to the following resources:

            Thank you, have a nice day!


            Warm Regards,

            Javed Lodhi

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              thanks for your answer,Javed,here comes update


              1. today i put the e6300 in for the third time,this time i was using different cpu fan ( bigger intel stock fan from Q6600) but no luck,

              2. my case is antec p180 mini with default cooling ( 120mm back + 200mm top ) so i think it's properly ventilated

              3. i don't see Thermal and Acoustic Control in my bios ( or did you mean Fan Control where the processor zone response and processor zone damping settings are )

              4.yesterday i brought my office pc from work to test cpu on DG35EC (also latest bios ),and it's working let's say better,the temperature readings are about 20 degrees lower than on DG33BU,what's interesting is that the Core temperatures are the same on both boards ( 36,24 ) but the CPU temperature reading is different for cca 20 degrees ( 76 degrees on DG33BU,57 degrees on DG35EC)

              5. i have put the CPU from my office PC ( E8200) on DG33BU and everything is ok,temperatures are ok, 36 for CPU,44 for Core 1, 41 for Core 2

              6. i have installed Intel Desktop Utilites on both PC,and on DG33BU it gives me warning [Processor Thermal Margin] The current processor temperature has reached a critical level.(24 °C), and on DG35EC there's no temperature readings at all

              7. is it possible that my E6300 is somehow faulty so it gives wrong readings to bios

              8. all temperature readings are taken when the processor is idle



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                update 2


                after my last post i was given opportunity to test the cpu on my friends board ( Gigabyte EP43-DS3L ) so i did it,and the cpu is working ok,temperature readings are ok,26 degrees cpu,36 degrees Core 1, 24 degrees Core 2,so i have come to conclusion that the CPU is apparently ok,but the problem is with

                both DG33BU and DG35EC bios