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    DX58SO XMP




      I have a DX58SO motherboard with a i7 920 and some Kingston Hyper X memory.

      XMP Works very  well on that setup.


      Now my friends has given me an i7 960 cpu. I installed that on the board no problem there, but now i cant

      run my computer with XMP on, if I do that it will not show anything on the screen.


      If I take XMP off , it Works fine.


      Any one know about this problem ?? Thanks for your time.



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          Ziad Aghar

          What do you mean nothing will show on the screen?


          Which software are you using to read the memory speeds??

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            With my old setup "Dx58so + i7 920 and the hyper X memory"

            I just went into the memory configuration on in the Bios and turn on xmp profil 1 , save and exit.

            That was no problem.


            Then I change the cpu to the i7 960 model , did the same thing and then the computer starts but there

            is no Picture on the screen. It never boots up. Then I have to reset the bios.

            If I run the memory on auto it runs fine , but on at 1xxx MHz and not the 1600 MHz the xmp profil 1



            so what I mean , is the I7 920 allows me to run 1600Mhz on the memory with xmp profil 1 on

            and the I7 960 cant, i dont understand why , becouse the only difference I see on the 2 cpu is

            the speed. I7 920 is 2.66Ghz and the I7 960 is 3.2Ghz.

            they have the same FSB.


            Thanks Again for your time.




            Ps. I use the Bios to read the speed on the memory.

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              Ziad Aghar

              Download AIDA64 & check your readings from there. Sometimes, when we enter BIOS the system's RAM speed reverts to default.

              In my system "if I go into BIOS" it takes a couple of reboots until it reads the XMP profile "all my readings have been confirmed with variable software".

              If that doesn't work try the following:


              Have you tried to enter the XMP profile manually??

              One thing you have to check for, is voltage on the X58 platform, it should be set to 1.65v when running a profile like the XMP in triple channel.

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                I have try the AIDA64 now , and it is saying that my memory is running at 1034mhz.

                And that the voltage is 1.66v


                I have not try yet to enter the xmp profil manually. Becouse am not sure about the way to do it.

                Do I just set it the xmp profil 1 and the write down what its saying and then turn it to manually and

                put it in my self ??


                Thanks for your time.



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                  Ziad Aghar

                  Yes try this & lets see what happens


                  PS.      your memory speed is running at 1033Mhz which is the default. It's not that you will realize that big difference


                  How much RAM are we talking about? 6GB?12GB?

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                    I got 12GB PC3-10700 Kingston with xmp 1.2


                    I have now tried to set the speed manually and the same thing happed


                    If I should choice a setup, which one would be the best then.


                    I7 920 cpu and running memory at 1600Mhz or the I7 960 cpu with memory running at 1033Mhz


                    I use my home pc for gaming the most.


                    Thanks for your time and aswer.



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                      Ziad Aghar

                      Of course, the 960 will get better performance. "Even at 1033"


                      PLS send me the complete model of the RAM cause it's 10700 by rounding 10666 up to 10700. Just like the HP site names PC3-10666 as PC3-10600 by rounding down.

                      I don't think your RAM is 1600Mhz. Anyway, lets see from the model number you'll send me.

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                        Memory Cpu-z.jpg

                        I just took this Picture of my memory. they were bougt with the xmp function.


                        Thanks for your time.



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                          Busser, XMP profile supposed be available only on unlocked processors and on extreme editions processors such as the i7-965, I7-975, i7-980x and the i7-990x.


                          The I7-920 processor was an excellent chip and customers used it for over clocking purposes. The chip was able to handle higher memory speed without problems.


                          The reason why the i7-960 is not supporting XMP, could be because it is not an extreme edition or an unlocked processor and it is being limited by the memory controller hub.


                          I would like to tell you that when selecting an XMP profile, the processor is immediately over clocked and it is expected to have problems.


                          Even though Intel makes unlocked and Extreme Series processors that are robust enough to handle customizations, Intel doesn't recommend over clocking any of their internal components. There is no warranty support for that practice.

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                            Is there any way to see if the cpu is locked or ??


                            Thanks for your time.



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                              The I7-960 it’s a locked processor.

                              Unlocked processors are the ones that have a letter "K" at the end. For example the I7-2600K, I7-2700K.

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                                Thank you.


                                But what about older CPU like the series before them. Like my I7 920 and up.

                                Is there are program or something like that, that can show if its locked or not ??


                                btw, the I7 960 is running with the memory at 1033Mhz very nicely. So i'll stick with that


                                Thank you for your time again.



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                                  There were not unlocked processors on the 1st generation of Intel Core I7 processors. Instead we had extreme processors, and some of them were identify with a letter “X” at the end.

                                  You will find that list of processors on the following link http://ark.intel.com/products/family/59142/Previous-Generation-Intel-Core-i7-Extreme-Processor/desktop