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    Problem with Intel dn2800mt and ad don PCIE1x Graphic Card(low power HD7450; HD6450; GF6200LE)


      HI, i have problem with this setup. Screen is very slow, like old 8MHz pc:/ HD7450 is connected on riser card 1x to 16x, i'v tried connecting it on riser cable witch external power and result was identical. I'v also tried GF6200, and screen was slow too(~1s to display bios logo). This board does not support pcie graphic card?


      System config:

      Win7 64Bit, 2x4GB RAM(checked on 1x4GB dimm, same problem), 250GB HDD, 19.5V 6.1A power supply, 1xUSB keyboard/mouse, 1x USB2LCD, newest BIOS


      I'v done some testing with lower power hd 6450.

      With 8GB RAM and PCIE graphic  Windows 7 boots ~10m.

      With 4GB or 1GB RAM and PCIE graphic Windows 7 boots normal but it is slowed down by processor. system is working realy slow and freezes some times. Drivers for GPU installs correctly but it still very slow on every thing.

      When ad don PCIE1x Graphic Card is connected radiator is very, very hot. iv installed 120mm fan directly over cpu, but no change in performance.


      When I'm selecting in BIOS that IGD must be always on, in windows when PCIE graphic card is in, there is only 1 video adapter.