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    HD 4600 on Win7 32bit with more than 4GB RAM hangs


      Hello co mmunity,


      i've got a strange problem on my  i7-4700MQ with HD 4600. I use Windows 7 32bit with 16MB RAM. After the small kernel hack windows can utilize the whole RAM amount. Only the Intel HD 4600 hangs the system on boot on driver loading, if i allow windows to see more than 4GB. Either it is a bug in a hardware or it is a bug in a driver that assumes, that Windows 7 32 bit shouldn't have more than 4gb.


      My questions is:

      Is it possible to configure the driver, to work with more than 4gb? Could Intel correct the driver? How HD 4600 works with windows servers 32 bit with huge ram? Can i disable the HD4600 but use the installed nvidia gt 750m adapter with full featured driver.