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    System freezes with SRT enabled in Win 7 (Intel MB and SSD)




      I just upgraded my system, and am now running the following:


      Core i5 4670

      Intel DH87MC motherboard (BIOS 0047)

      16 GB RAM

      Intel 525 60 GB mSATA SSD in the mPCIe slot on the MB

      Western Digital 250 GB hard drive


      I was able to configure everything properly and get SRT enabled. However, while it improves the heck out of my boot times, the system wil invariably hang up after login.  Windows doesn't stop responding - the mouse still works and so on - but I cannot open any apps or even shut the machine down without just powering it down.


      I saw a number of problems with this similar problem, but it was always with 3rd party MB's and/or SSD's.  I went Intel through and through.


      Any help would be appreciated.