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    Endless reboot loop with Win 7 (DCCP847DYE)


      I just got a NUC (Celeron - DCCP847DYE) and I've been working on it all day trying to get Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium installed. I have 4 GB of Crucial RAM and a 32 GB MyDigital SSD. I've got the latest BIOS update too.

      Here's what happens after I install 7:

      The installer "Prepares the Desktop."

      The desktop displays and begins loading things in the task bar.

      First the audio controller icon loads

      Then the network icon

      Immediately after the network icon loads, Windows says "Saving your settings," then "Windows is Shutting Down"

      Then a reboot loop.


      I never see Windows loading again, only the Intel logo, and a reboot.

      I can enter the BIOS, and I've done so, tweaking a few things, with no luck.


      I've reinstalled 4 times today and I'm about to try Ubuntu, just to see if I can see a desktop.


      I'm assuming it's not overheating, because Windows shuts down every time in the same spot. I'm also assuming the SSD is not the cause, because it's booting from it fine every time after the installs, until it hits some brick wall.


      Can anyone help me with this? I'd hate to have to return this for a refund because I really want to use it. It seems like a nice little machine.