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    dual xeon 2687w questions


      Dear community,


      i hope to get some advise cause i recently bought my first pc better yet its a workstation (dell precision t5600) and its a total overkill for me so i have no idea what im doing coming from laptops.

      I tryed playing crysis 3 (gtx 690) i get around 60fps and then every 3 second it freezes and shows 1fps i "think" its not the videocard i got newest driver. i think its the CPU but please tell me what u think what can i do.


      Next is temperature i ran prime95 cause i know it stress your cpu and u should run it 4 hours minimum but i ran it with 32 core and the temp went up to around 92C is this normal? it was on full RPM on the fans.


      please share anything that comes up it helps me big time with these issues.