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    New Desktop - getting RAID1 started


      I believe I need to do more to completely install "Intel Rapid Storage Technology"  Please advise.

      Reason I am concerned is that my current HP Pavilion Elite e9280t desktop computer has an icon in the system tray for "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" where I can select "Show Storage System Information" and similar. I can also access this via [All Programs]

      But my new HP Pavilion HPEh9-1215tHP desktop computer does not have this icon available yet, nor does it have anything in [All Programs] that seems to fit the bill.



        I ordered my new desktop with a 3TB HDD and a 1TB HDD.  HP did not offer RAID1 as an option, and after HP verified it for me - they
      told me that I could to do it myself upon delivery.  So, before doing anything else, I made a set of Recovery DVDs and purchased two new
      "identical" 3TB drives, and replaced the two original drives.  I changed the BIOS and I did the CTRL- i  thing which resulted in a 3TB
      RAID1 system.   After doing a Factory Reset with the Recovery DVDs, the desktop now says that it has a 3TB RAID1 running Windows 7 Professional.


      QUESTIONS:  is there something else I need to do to assure RAID1 is going to work properly?  I'd like the Intel RST icon mentioned above.  How do I get that installed on the new desktop?



      Online specs say the motherboard is Pegatron IPMMB-FM
      Formosa.  Intel Z75 chipset.

      Purchased with upgrade to 16GM memory

      600 Watt power supply

      2 optical drives

      3 monitors (with only one attached so far)

      3 drive bays for hard discs, and it came with one 3TB and one 1TB drive and one
      empty drive bay.

      Windows 7 Professional

      The desktop PC was purchased in August 2013 and is brand new and has not been used yet, other than as mentioned above and connecting it to my home network and internet access..