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    Intel HD 4600 Drivers vs. Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop


      My System:

      Dell Latitude E6540 with Win 7 Pro 64-bit

      4th Gen i7

      Intel HD 4600 Grpahics Controller and AMD Radeon 8790M

      Latest Dell-supplied drivers for Intel and Radeon  (Intel is v9.18.10.3204)


      PROBLEM:  When trying to use Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop, the program crashes and Windows gives a "Close Program" error.


      Here is a screen shot from the event viewer:



      Creative Cloud .exe is crashing and blaming igdumdim32.dll in System32.... but igdumdim32.dll is NOT in System32....  igdimdum64.dll is...


      The 32-bit DLL is not in system32, nor is it bound to the controller (when checking Driver Details in Device Manager), the 64-bit DLL is bound ot the controller.


      SysWOW64 has the 32-bit DLLs...


      Now, the ONLY way to get Creative Cloud.exe to work is to UNINSTALL the Intel HD 4600 AND delete the Intel Drivers....  The result is that the Intel controller reverts to Plain Jane VGA drivers...  This is NOT acceptable for long term use, as I sacrifice use of the graphics switching capabilities to my Radeon and forfeit high performance graphics in ALL my other apps.


      As an aside...  Windows System Rating also crashes out when the drivers are installed... never have been able to make it complete.


      Any ideas how to fix this?

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          Have you installed all latest updates and patches for the application you are having issues with?


          Were this program and Windows* System Rating working with the original drivers that were installed in the system when you got it?


          If so, please try using the latest generic driver from our web site and then post here the dxdiag report from your system:


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            I installed the latest version of Creative Cloud...  supplied by the Adobe tech while on a remote support session for a total of 2+ hours.  That's how we identified the igdumdim32.dll vs. CC Desktop conflict... or absence of the .dll.... whatever is causing it.


            Windows System Rating never worked...  Creative Cloud was newly installed and never worked.


            I tried BOTH the original Dell-supplied drivers, the updated Dell driver package, and the latest driver package from Intel.  Nothing worked.


            HOWEVER... there IS an improvement.


            As I said, I got Creative Cloud Desktop to work with Plain Jane VGA driver bound to Intel Controller (Radeon non-functional this way).  I downloaded three Adobe apps via the desktop...


            Then, I re-applied the latest Intel Driver package supplied by Dell (same driver version as the latest Intel generic driver as far as I can tell).


            Creative Cloud still working WITH ONE caveat:


            1) I CAN download apps...  Good!

            2) I CANNOT view the "Home" page on Creative Cloud Desktop which is where I am provided download history, et al.  The "Home" tab is BLACK...


            At least now that I have the 64-bit drivers loaded again, the Adobe 64-bit apps work without restriction.


            It appears that it is just a glitch between the driver package and the x86 Creative Cloud Desktop app itself...  It wants 32-bit igdumdim32.dll (maybe others?), but can't find them because they aren't bound and no way for the 64-bit driver files to tell it to use 64-bit thunked method....  I'm guessing here.


            Still an issue...

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              I have tested Windows* Experience Index and Above Creative Cloud in a testing system and both are working fine. You can see what I got:


              I believe that the issue might be from your operating system install.

              For additional troubleshooting purposes, could you please test using the driver posted on the following URL?



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                OK...  that's encouraging...  Here's my screen shots...




                Here are the differences:
                1) I am using a Dell-supplied Intel driver with a HIGHER build number.

                2) I have Windows 7 Professional WITH Service Pack 1 applied.

                3) I only have 8GB of RAM, but have 16GB on the way.

                4) I have a 4th Gen i7 processor.

                5) My Device ID is 0416 vs. your 0412

                6) My Video BIOS is 2170.6 vs. your 2170

                7) And finally, and the only remaining problem on my system, is that my Creative Cloud HOME tab is BLACK... no history.


                My operating system install is a factory image from Dell, and I have not seen any other indications of problems with it...  And I've run every tool I have, and checked every corner of the Event Viewer and logs.


                I will give that driver package you linked to a try...

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                  Downloaded and tried the driver...


                  Got this error:




                  I will try another cold reboot and try it again...

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                    Nope...  is "no bueno". 

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                      Sorry for the delay...  I had to restore the computer from my original configuration due to unrelated issues with trying to upgrade the Intel Wireless card.  I AM going to try the above mentioned steps.  Please don't forget about this thread...  I will try to get it done today.

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                        OK...  I used the ZipFile and the Have Disk instructions, and the drivers installed...  At least I think they all did...  looking at the detailed driver description, there are a LOT of the Intel type named driver files with "Unknown" on them, and there IS at least one file with a very old version number and date:  igdbcl64.dll has a version of (2006).  But a lot of the files updated to the build number.


                        RESULT:  Creative Cloud Desktop still has a "black screen" on the Home and Behance tabs...  NOTE: the actual history IS on the Home tab... just can't see it.  The history entries all have hyper-links to Adobe.com pages for more information.  If you hover the mouse around inside the tab's window, you can find the links AND click on them to launch the browser pages.  Just can't read the window.


                        Here are captures to show the driver install was successful:







                        Windows experience is still calculating properly after the upgrade...


                        Any other suggestions?

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                          Have you updated to the latest Microsoft* framework available?

                          In addition, have you checked with the software developer to see what other requirements would the software require? Or any possible root cause for this?

                          The reason I ask is because I just tested this in another system, using an older video controller, Intel® HD Graphics 2500, which still uses the same drivers (as it is a unified driver), and testing with versions 3165 and 3257, the application is still working properly, this time under Microsoft* Windows* 8 x64.

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                            1) Yes, Windows is fully updated to the latest everything, including .NET Framework...

                            2) I have an open case with Adobe on this...  According to them, my hardware/software combination exceeds the requirement to run the Creative Cloud Desktop and every known Adobe CC application.  They are currently out of ideas...  I spent hours on chat with support personnel...


                            As an aside, and what WILL become a separate issue.  After installing the latest graphics drivers, the Intel HD Audio has disappeared... not wasn't updated... DISappeared, as in no longer present in the Device Manager under Audio and when following the instructions to install Display Audio, there is nothing to install on...  Intel HD Audio does show in the System section of device manager... but it is gone from Sound... only the Realtek HD is there now... used to be both...  just like in the Display Adapter section.


                            I'll tell you what..  In the 5 years between laptop purchases, the ease of driver installation seems to have gone down, and the cooperation between vendor and laptop maker seems to have also diminished... I've NEVER had this much trouble getting a new system fully setup and functional.  Seems we've taken great leaps forward in tech, and steps backwards in customer experience....  and I've been in this business for 30 years now.

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                              I understand your frustration, in fact it does not seem to be a common issue at all.

                              Currently I am checking with the development team to see what else we could troubleshoot on this to find the root cause as we are not able to replicate your problem.

                              Now, concerning the Display Audio, it seems like a software corruption to me. Have you tried rolling back the driver for this and use the one that was installed before?

                              Have you checked if your system BIOS has an option to disable this possibly? Have you tried updating the BIOS and setting the system defaults just to test?

                              Another option would be using a restore point in the operating system if that was created before this.


                              In the other hand, there might be a test you could do, using a separate hard drive (or partition), you could try a copy of Microsoft* Windows* 7 x32 to see if the issue with Creative Cloud remains

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                                First, I appreciate the help that you have tried to provide on behalf of Intel...


                                I have tried every display driver available for my HD4600...  I've gone all the way back to basic VGA drivers and worked my way through the Intel provided AND Dell provided display drivers one at a time....


                                I've investigated every option in the BIOS...  there is nothing applicable to this...  The BIOS has been updated twice to version A02 and thence to A05...


                                Restore points aren't an option... as CC Desktop has NEVER worked properly in this system.  the 3257 build allowed it to install and "work" for downloading apps... but the Home and Behance tabs still don't work right and are black.  IF you are logged in.


                                IF you aren't logged in, you can see the login on the home tab... and if it loses your application status, you see the "add apps" and/or link to behance options.  BUT if the CC Desktop database has records of any activity history, it blacks out the home tab.... (though the active links to more information ARE there, just hidden).


                                Bottom line... CC Desktop is the only app (of hundreds) on my machine that won't work properly... It is a 32-bit app, and I suspect that lazy coding by Adobe is the culprit.


                                Thanks for your help...  I am not going to waste time doing Adobe's job by setting up a completely new system partition to do their troubleshooting work for them.


                                Thanks again....

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                                  You are welcome, I have to say that it seems to me that this might be related to the application too.

                                  Be sure that if I get any similar feedback from another user with a possible work around, I will forward it to you. In the other hand, since last week, I forwarded your feedback to my the developers in case a similar issue is also reported and for any possible work around they can think of. In that case, I'll let you know too.

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