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    Laptop CPU upgrade-downgrade


      Hello guys, am new in forum and sorry cuz my English is not perfect..

      i have a big big problem..
      i was buy an Acer aspire v3-571g with i7-3610QM CPU but after a year of using i burn the GPU (nvidia geforce gt 640m) so i want to buy a new laptop with a good GPU but lower CPU than my laptop so i can trade the CPUs...

      i find the LENOVO IDEAPAD Y580A 59-377154 with Intel Core i5-3230M CPU
      and i check that my CPU and this one have same socket (G2 988b) but my CPU i7 need to work 45W and i5 need 35W!!!

      if i buy this laptop and i trade the CPUs can both laptops work without problem?

      if i have problem with Watt can i do something to solve it?

      did the BIOS have any problem in both laptops about to work another CPU? if yes can i solve it???

      I really try to find the answers in google but i dont find any solutions...
      Please Help Me!

      Thanks for your time guys!!! Smile
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          I would recommend you to contact Lenovo for further assistance since this is an OEM system and we do not know if this kind of modification are supported or not.


          Sometimes, if you make changes on OEM systems, the product is not going to be covered under warranty anymore.

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            hi sylvia, thanks for your answer.


            i dont care for the warranty cuz is only 6 months (lenovo is not new)


            do u know to tell me if both laptops will support both CPUs, as is search i see than lenovo have hybrid motherboard so if the socket is BGA maybe can support rPGA but acer?


            you may think why i want to buy this laptop very much? believe me i find it in very good deal, almost 300 euro less than normal price...


            if u can find something more than me please tell me, i search almost a weak and i dont xD


            Thanks again for your time, i really appreciate it.

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              Since this is an OEM system there is no much we can or suggest you to do.

              Again, I recommend you to post your inquire to ACER or LENOVO communities.