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    Intel rapid storage update broke symbolic links


      Hi all.


      A week or so ago I wanted to update (for the first time) my intel rapid storage software. Silly of me, didn't uninstall the software before running the new version for install. After the update there was no way to recover my OS. What happened is that I had sensitive OS folders redirected via Symbolic links under windows 8 64b (mklink command). Lost everything (at least until a backup from like 5 months ago).


      I'll post some specs


      Software: Intel rapid storage (version uncheckable due to OS loss)

      Motherboard: Asus p9x79 deluxe

      Disks setup: SSD with OS and HDD RAID 1

      Processor: Intel i7 3930k

      OS: Windows 8 64b pro


      I was having free space problems on my SSD (due to a poorly implemented partition by me that couldn't be enlarged by any means). So I used symlinks to redirect folders from my SSD to my RAID disk (more space and reliability, so why not?).


      Then, a lot of files on my SSD became corrupt. So I don't know how or why this files got corrupted like this. I couldn't relink my users folder because it became unloadable.


      There is no going back for me. But I would like to help improve the software to avoid this kind of issues.


      Some trials I made


      When I tried to boot on Win8 after this, lots of chkdsk would fire recovering from errors on both disks. But when I boot on my older win7 nothing happens, disks seem fine and OS loads normally.


      If I allow win8 to attempt a boot it will try to chkdsk /f My RAID disks and that check will put my RAID state on yellow (on bios load there is an indicator of the state) which will force intel rapid storage on win7 to check and fix the RAID setup.


      I'm sorry for my English.


      Thanks in advance.