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    does i3-3xxx cpu supports RDRAND?




      I'm trying to using RDRAND on an ivy-bridge i3-3220 cpu, but failed because the bit is not set in cpuid. according to


      Desktop 3rd Generation Intel

      Core™ Processor Family

      Specification Update

      August 2013

      Revision 014


      BV54. The RDRAND Instruction Will Not Execute as Expected


      On processors that support the RDRAND instruction, that capability should be reported via the setting of CPUID.01H:ECX.RDRAND[bit 30]. Due to this erratum, that bit will not be set, and the execution of the RDRAND instruction will result in a #UD exception.


      Software will not be able to utilize the RDRAND instruction


      It is possible for the BIOS to contain a workaround for this erratum to report RDRAND as present via CPUID and allow proper execution of RDRAND.


      I'm wondering if it is possible to enable RDRAND on ivy-bridge i3-3xxx cpu by bios as the document suggested? I've asked the mother board provider, they are not sure, so an official confirmation will be great help.


      Thanks very much.