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    going back from ssd to sata


      Hi all,


      I have a Thinkpad that the Original Build have a Sata 3GB/s 500 GB HDD. I bought as an option an Intel 160 GB SSD to replace the original drive an it came factory installed.


      Now I've run out of space on the SSD and need to replace it with the 500 Sata HDD.  Does the Intel Data Migration Software will help me with this task?. Does it work migrating from SSD to Sata?





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          The Intel Data Migration Software will only work if the destination drive is an Intel SSD. To do it the other way around, you need a retail version of the cloning software (the Intel program is a light version of Acronis, but there are also other similar products).

          You can also do it with the standard system image backup function in Windows: Make a system recovery boot CD, do a full system backup onto an external USB hard drive, shut the machine down, replace the SSD with the old hard drive, boot on the recovery CD and select restore from backup.