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    i7 3770 not stable at 3.9 ghz..



      just ordered a asus h77 v model for i7 3rd gen 3770 but now having difficult time as Intel suggest that 3770 uses 1 and 2 core at 3.9 GHz and 4 core at 3700 MHz at full load .. but when checking with prime95 with only 2 threads it mostly stables at 3.7ghz but for a sec or two reaches 3.8 and some times reaches 3.9ghz ... only for a sec . my question is why this is not stable at GHz Intel suggest .... the temps iam getting seems fine 60-c at full load its always stable at 3.7 when i test with 8 threads...or 2.thread.......... iam not getting why its never stop at 3.9ghz for even 5 SECONDS... IT DISAPPEARS WITH A BLINK OF AN EYE ... IS THIS NORMAL..why THIS ISSUE.IS CAUSING. ANY HELP....