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    Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) requirements


      Looking to build a system I can remotely power cycle.


      Intel AMT seems to be the thing I need to this, which requires a VPRO-enabled cpu and a Q87 chipset.


      Does it also require any else on the mobo or is that sufficient? ie are all systems with a vpro cpu and a q87 chipset enabled for AMT?  The manuals and spec sheets I'm seeing for Q87 boards are very non-specific about this, Asus, for example saying about their Q87M board bios settings:


      iAMT H/W is always enabled. This option just controls the BIOS extension execution. If


      enabled, this requires additional firmware in the SPI device.


      As, as far as I can tell, the SPI device is the q87 itself, this seems out of place.