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    Can't Install drivers for Intel HD 4000 graphics.


      I had to uninstall my Intel HD 4000 graphics due to an issue where games would not run for some unknown reason related to the graphics update I did. I uninstalled it via the device manager and uninstalled the HD audio as well. I restarted my laptop and it recognizes the graphics card as an unknown video controllerd (VGA compatible) in which whenever i try and update via the device manager it just tells me there is a problem and to contact the manufacturer and aborts the update.


      I then downloaded the latest drivers off of the website for my Intel HD 4000 graphics card and whenever I run it, half way through the installation it either says the OS isn't supported, one or more drivers failed to install or that I do not meet the minimum requirements to install this driver. I use a Nvidia 640m GPU also which seems to still be working perfectly, but the Intel HD 4000 graphics card will now not re install and I don't know what to do to fix it.