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    HD 4400 Graphics Not Supported Problem Windows 8 ENT 64-bit


      I built a new system comprising of:


      Intel Board: DH87RL  (BIOS v0320)

      CPU: i3-4130

      8GB of DDR3-1600


      When installing the driver from the CD I get the following message:


      "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software"


      The same goes for driver versions - and  I'm dealing with x64.


      I found and was able to install v9.18.10.3214 (BETA) however the second the driver is loaded the screen flickers, goes blank then never comes back.  Any method to try to repair or boot in safemode fails.  The OS installation at this point is trashed.  No big deal as it's a new install.  I've reloaded many times trying different things (installer versus device manager and so forth).

      What can I do to get the video driver installed?  I'd appreciate any help!