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    RE: Intel (R) HD Graphics Card & Sketchup 2013 compatability?


      I have a Toshiba C660-1D7 laptop and I have downloaded SketchUp 2013 but it will not open. I keep getting a bugsplat telling me to upload an ATI driver.


      The properties for the graphics card on my laptop are:


      Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i3)


      DAC Type: Internal

      Adapter String: Intel(R) HD Graphics

      Bios Information: Intel Video BIOS

      Total Available Graphics Memory; 1696MB

      Dedicated Video Memory: 64MB

      System Memory: 0MB

      Shared System Memory: 1632MB


      I looked up a few links and it stated that it must support GL, how can I tell if my card supports this?

      How can I get SketchUp to work on my laptop?

      What driver will I have to load to get this to work?