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    Intel D2700DC - cannot access bios settings with usb kbd.




      Im building a system on intel d2700dc motherboard. As a box, I use CoolerMaster Elite 120, psu is Zalman 400 L. Hdd is not installed yet.


      So, my system boots fron usb stick, I tried to boot  windows pe and freenas for test. Thing is - I# cannot enter BIOS, but kbd is fully working under os. Kbd is not even lighted on bios screen. I updated bios for the recent one. Bios menu is accessible if I put jumper to the 2-3, but kbd is not working in it.


      Im suspecting this is fastboot option not letting me to enter bios. I tried to press "on" button for a 3 seconds but nothing really happened, no 3x beeps or someting - it just reboots.


      Any suggestions ?