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    How can I boot RAID5 Array again after disk failure?


      I have a RAID5 volume managed by Intel Matrix Storage Manager with a Supermicro MDB-X7DBE motherboard that experienced a disk failure so one of the three disks was labeled as Error during booting. After the disk failed, I took it out and the two remaining disks show 'Yes' for bootable and 'Degraded' for status of the volume and that they are still members of the array. However, I cannot boot the system.


      I used the Windows Server 2003 64-bit disc and loaded the MS Windows Recovery Console so that I can check the disk from there or try fixing the MBR, but the Recovery Console responds very slow to input. It takes several minutes for it to accept the volume number and admin password. Everything seems to be lagging when typing the commands on the Recovery Console window. I do not know why this is. Even when I enter the correct admin password, the command prompt is very slow. I cannot even fully run chkdsk or fixmbr because it is so slow and after typing the command, most of the time nothing happens. Sometimes, it even displays the blue screen with a STOP error after I run chkdsk. Any ideas on how I can get my server to boot? Thank you in advance.