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    OS2BMC configuration


      How can I view the current settings for OS2BMC and packet filtering configuration for the I350 and/or X540 dual Ethernet controllers?


      Is there a way to see the EEPROM settings directly? Do I need extra software to issue NC-SI OEM commands?


      I'd like to be able to inspect and change the settings from Windows and/or Linux.



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          Hmmm, I was asked this question just the other day, with exactly the same words.  Wierd


          OS2BMC is a BMC technology controlled via NC-SI.  It runs independently of the OS, by design.


          Only a BMC (or whatever is on the other end of the NC-SI link) has control over it.  If you want to see what filters get twiddled when a specific NC-SI configuration command is sent, you can use any utility of your choice to look at the CSR's in the I350.


          All of the filters (MDEF and MDEF_EXT) are visible, via CSR's and documented within the datasheet.


          Hope that helps!


          - Patrick

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            I ended up using the Intel SVTools to inspect the MAC management registers. The crucial bit for my issue was the OS2BMC Enable (MAC Management Control (MANC) register bit 28), which for some unknown reason was set differently by default on a system using an I350 controller and another system using an X540 controller. Now I just have to figure out how to get it set consistently on both systems.


            - Julian (not really that weird ;-))