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    Intel D201GLY does not start up


      Hi there everybody!

      I don't know if this is the correct way to ask for help, but here I'm. We are using 17 desktop boards D201GLY on our school. The problem is that 6 of them turned off unexpectly and they never started up again. The keyboard lights blinks once, the processor fan works, everything looks like it will work, but that's it, nothing else happens, black screen, no video, no image, no nothing. Then I went for help and they say it would be a problem with the BIOS, or the chipset. So, what can I do? I know this is an old and a very limited board, but it fits our needs, is there any sugestions? I'm begging help.

      Thanks a lot in advance,


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          If you suspect the BIOS is corrupted, you should download the latest recovery BIOS and do a recovery BIOS update. Be sure to read the manuals on how to do this, because there may be a jumper you need to adjust.


          Download Center


          Be sure to read the "Read Me" file on the link above. It will explain the different ways to update the BIOS.


          BIOS beep codes

          Desktop Boards — BIOS beep codes


          Then download the product guide manual, technical specification manuals, etc..., and follow the troubleshooting procedures.


          Download Center


          The D201GLY Product Guide covers BIOS error messages in section "A."


          You should strip one of the systems down to bare motherboard and power supply and power up to see if you get the correct indications adding one piece of hardware, such as memory modules, with each subsequent power up to identify the problem. If you find hardware that is causing an abnormal indication, try swapping the same hardware from one of your working systems.


          You could also test the motherboard, by swapping all the hardware from a working system. You have the advantage of having 11 working systems so it's just of drill of substituting parts to identify what is causing the issue. Don't rule out a power supply issue until you duplicate the issue with a known good power supply.


          Troubleshooting system no boot issues

          Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting system no boot issues


          Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY

          Support for the Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY


          Good luck and best regards.

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            Hi there tjg79!

            I appreciate your answer. I did what you said already, I swapped the RAM, the power supply, even the 3V battery. I also removed the battery for an hour and nothing. I checked the links you wrote as well, but I wouldn't find the way to reset the BIOS through the hardware, because I have no video. Is there any way to do that?

            Thanks in advance

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              Did you take the motherboard from one of the non-working systems and everything else from a working system and see if it boots? If it does, then it's not the motherboard, if it doesn't then it likely is the motherboard.


              In an extreme case such as yours, after you try a motherboard swap, to troubleshoot a non-functioning board, I would take a mother board out of the case and just attach a power supply only and see what indications you get: BIOS LEDs and audio beeps. Use the manuals to decipher what the indications are. Then add memory and repeat, then add video card and repeat, then add monitor and repeat, then add keyboard and repeat and so on until you get an indication of what the issue is.


              It's very unusual to lose six systems at once. It indicates a possible electrical surge that could have damaged the motherboard or some other component. Also try a different electrical outlet and surge suppressor. Leave no stone unturned.


              Good luck and best regards.

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                Hi again tjg79!

                I took the motherboard out of the case long before I came into the forum, and I tried a psu from a working machine, the RAM from a working machine and then I put those appliances back on their previous machines and they are just Ok. I tried with and without the 12V four pins connector, I tried with and without battery, different keyboards, different rams (256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB)... every possible combination, all the times same result.

                The machines did not went down at once, but within the week.

                Now, here is what I did. It would sound insane, but Yesterday I washed two broken boards with liquid detergent, a tooth brush and water. Then I put them to dry on direct sun light just for a morning. Today I mounted the psu and the board on a wood table and results: I have now working one of them. How? I don't know, maybe there was some kind of dirty sediment or something.

                The fact is I really appreciate your concern and your advises.

                My very best regards for you!

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                  I don't recommend cleaning the boards with detergent and water.


                  I've used CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. You can get it at an auto parts store or electronics shop. It does a great job of cleaning electronic parts.


                  You may have had some oxidation on some electrical contacts. The act of removing and installing the components several times and using compressed air to blow off the dust and debris would be something that I would try.


                  Don't give up; keep working on the systems that aren't working.


                  You should compare the BIOS LEDs and audio beeps to determine if they are giving an indication of where the issue is located.


                  Regards and good luck.

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                    You should inspect the electrolytic capacitors for indications of leaking, swelling or bulging. Although Intel uses good quality capacitors, they do not last forever. Electrolytic capacitors degrade with age and exposer to heat. It's possible to replace defective or failed capacitors to revive a board that other wise would be discarded. If you can get access to an ESR meter, you can test the caps in situ. A lot of defective or failed caps don't have any visual indications of their true condition.



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                      Hello again to you, tjg79!

                      I really apreciate your advices. I've checked on the capacitors as well, everything looks well, but I will do as you said, I will test the capacitors. Now, I can not get any electronic cleaner (incredible, isn't it?), so I have to improvise, now I'm thinking on cleaning with naphtha or gasoline. Maybe

                      Anyway, thanks a lot one more time.


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                        I don't recommend cleaning the board with anything other than compressed air and an appropriate electronics cleaner. You will do more damage than just age oxidation and dust if you use gas or water and detergent. I don't know about naphtha as a good choice. It's better to do a search for approved products.


                        For the purposes of identifying the cause of your issue, I don't think you need anything other than compressed air. Removing the various components, blowing the debris from the contacts, and reinserting the component, several times, will serve the purpose of checking the electrical contacts.


                        Motherboard faulty bad capacitor repair Punj Tips and Tricks - Electronic Tips


                        What are the BIOS LEDs and audio beeps indicating?



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                          Well, this board doesn't beep, because it doesn't have no prewelded buzzer neither conectors for an external buzzer. The bios led lights as all other working stations.


                          Best regards! and thanks a lot!!!


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                            If the BIOS LEDs are indicating the same as the working systems, then I don't think you have a BIOS issue.


                            Keep substituting parts until you get a non-working system to work with video.

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                              Thanks for everything.

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                                Culebra 83, the information given by Tjg79 was correct.

                                If the motherboards were under warranty, what we would recommend you was to get in touch with the warranty department in order to set up a replacement order.

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                                  Hello Sylvia_intel,

                                  I did everything tjg79 said. Also, these mother boards are not under warranty since I can't tell. The fact is, and I want you people to know, the washing thing I described works. Needs is the mother of invention, they say.

                                  Best regards, and thanks for your post.

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                                    I’m glad to know it worked for you, but we cannot recommend this kind of procedure. Doing these will void the warranty of the motherboard or any other Intel product.