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    DH87MC cold boot issue


      We have an Intel DH87MC based system that fails to POST if the power is disconnected from the mainboard for any reason.  While power is continuously connected, the system starts, restarts etc. normally.  If the power is disconnected, when you reconnect the power and press the 'power' button, the system fan starts and continues to run, the hard drive makes noise for about 2 secs, but there is no POST and no display.  If you momentarily disconnect the power again and reconnect (or hold the power button for 5 secs to cut power to the mainboard) the system then starts again and there is a screen advising that the BIOS failed to POST on previous attempt.  We 'cancel' to continue and the system boots into Windows just fine.  We had this problem with the BIOS that came preloaded on the board and updated to the latest (version 47) as suggested by Intel Australia channel support, but we still have the problem.  We've also tried different speed RAM, with and without PCI graphics card, new BIOS battery etc.  We just can't deliver a computer to a customer and tell them that they have to perform certain tricks to get it going if it ever loses power to the mainboard.  And seeing as the customer has to take it home to his home and set it up on his desk, then he will certainly have to perform those tricks the first time he tries to start it.  I'm hoping somebody has an answer because we won't get paid until the customer gets his working computer.DH87

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          Hello LizB,


          I am sorry for this issue.


          Unfortunately, I was not able to replicate it. I may suggest testing with a different power supply; we have a list of tested components in the link below.


          You may also want to post your system configuration in case the issue persists so we can further assist you.


          Intel´┐Ż Desktop Board DH87MC; Tested peripherals

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            Thanks Joe.  We will try a different power supply to see what happens.

            Full system specs are:-


            DH87MC mainboard

            Core i5-4670 3.4GHz

            1 x Kingston KVR16N1/8 but also tried 2 x Kingston KVR13N9S8/4

            2 x Western Digital WD1002FAEX  (also tried with just one)

            LiteOn IHAS120-OEM dvd burner

            Acbel G550 power

            Gainward GT640-2G - we've also tried without the graphics card


            Whenever power is removed from mainboard and system fails to POST - there is a longish beep that according to technical specs advises that BIOS is available to accept keyboard input - but there is no video to indicate the same.

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              We've done further testing this morning and found that the system boots to the BIOS after cold start if we actually disconnect all hard drives.  Woud UEFI have anything to do with this problem?  There doesn't appear to be any problem with the drive as under warm boot situation it has been running perfectly.

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                We think we finally have an answer to this problem.  It is the WD black caviar drives. We loaded a Seagate Barracuda Green 2Tb (ST2000DL003) and it cold boots just fine.  As we don't stock Seagate any more because of Seagate's pitiful 12 month warranty, we only stock and sell Western Digital Black Caviar drives which have a 5 yr warranty.  Can Intel please test the WD black caviar drives with the DH87MC board?

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                  The Tested peripherals link posted above indicates some Western Digital* drives tested with this motherboard; however, I did not see any Black Caviar model. I may attempt to replicate this issue but I will probably need more time.

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                    Thanks so much Joe.  Intel Australia channel support is also going to test next week. 

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                      The system boots properly with WD1002FAEX (1TB) and UEFI enabled. Cold boot or restart, either way it works.

                      It must be something else, perhaps a BIOS setting...

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                        sorry for delayed reply.  customer had taken computer because he needed it and we had to ask for him to return it for a weekend to try some other things.  We found that by moving the drive from Sata port 0 to sata port 3, the problem went away.  Not sure if we just have a 2nd faulty board, or if there is an issue with these boards combined with wd1002FAEX, UEFI and Cold boot.  By the way BIOS settings are default. Also, when you are testing cold boot, the system needs to be powered off for a few minutes, not just a few seconds.

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                          Hello all,


                          We are having the same issues and more here - I have 4 DH87MC's that are have post boot problems and Blue screens- all fresh loads..


                          I was just told by phone support to move my hard drive to port 1 and CD to port 2 - I also only use WD drives-


                          He also wanted me to change the video driver to a driver not listed on the board's WEB page but is a HD4600 Graphics driver..




                          CPU i7-4770K

                          RAM 4x4G sticks of Crucial BLS4G3D1609DS1S00

                          LG CD ROM drive

                          Hard Drive WD2000FYYZ


                          Bob Scrip

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                            We have now been given a BIOS update from the Intel engineers that they think will fix the problem.  Once we have the customer's computer again, we'll try it and see if it works.  The BIOS version we have been asked to try is MC5047

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                              Hi Bob,  Did you ever find the answer to the DH87MC boot problem?   I gave up.  The latest BIOS did nothing to fix the issue and now others are finally reporting the same issue.  Re: DH87MC


                              and Re: Why is there no HDMI video displayed when booting DH87MC?



                              If you found an answer, we'd love to hear it.




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                                Hi All,

                                I got my newly configured PC on last Saturday(04/26) since then am experiencing a lot of problem with the DH87MC Mother Board because its NO HDMI Video while BOOTING after complete system power shutdown.


                                When I starts PC even after 1 hour from complete power shutown, the mobo starts with a beep(i guess its no video detected warning) and thereafter no visuals in my Samsung S23B370 screen. But the CPU fans everything seems to running. When I restarted PC by pressing CPU power button for about 10 seconds and switching it again - the mobo shoes an error message "BIOS HAD DETECTED AN UNSUCCESFUL POST ATTEMPT(S). Press 'Y' to enter setup or 'N' to continue normal.


                                I have a seen a lot of threads here asking similar kind of helps - without any successful answers.


                                Please help me to solve this issue.

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                                  Hi CaptainIND, I recommend you following up in the other threads where you have also posted since Sylvia_Intel is already helping you:



                                  Thank you.

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                                    Hi joe_Intel,


                                    I have tried every possible way to nail down this issue. Gone through every thread describing about mob boot issue. 

                                    Also, I have switched on my audio device and am not getting "intel inside audio" and i noticed that there is no signals on keyboard as well. Usually after a successful BIOS load i can hear the intel inside audio and a LED glowing in Keyboard(the num lock LED will be glowing  in case of success). But during the issue time, am not getting any audio nor keyboard LED notification.


                                    Everyday am getting once or twice this problem.


                                    I have updated the latest BIOS and Intel HD drivers.

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