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    How to Verify Core2Duo E7300 working?


      I have an MSI Motherboard Neo 5 F (7236-90)that Posts with a Pentium 4 but doesn't work with the Core 2 Duo E7300. A Fry's technician flashed to the expected bios version 12.3 and the E7300 still doesn't POST. Any inexpensive way to find out if this processor works before sending it back to Intel?

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          Hi there,


          The best way to know if the E7300 works fine is to test it onto a different compatible motherboard.


          There are two versions of the E7300, but on the MSI website it's only the E7300 with SLAPB is shown to have been tested. If you have the other SL, (SLB9X) then I recommend you contact MSI to confirm that this SL version has also been tested and working fine.


          Hope this will be helpful to you.