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    Raid 1 wont rebuild after replacement of one HD


      Good day Community,


      I have an Intel DG45ID motherboard with 2 Seagate 1TB HDD's.

      I had to replace one HDD and when I now boot up the computer it recognizes both drives but says: "Volume with "Rebuild" status will be rebuilt within the operating system".

      When I originally set the RAID up I chose to do it at BIOS level rather than OS level and cannot remember using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager or anything like that. I also cannot find any traces of the software on my computer only supporting my limited memory that I didn't use it originally.

      Now I am stuck with the new volume in REBUILD status and can't work out how to restore my RAID. The new volume is also a Seagate 1TB HDD.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      Many thanks,