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    Intel DH77DF + i3770t = fuzzy graphics




      I have been using this combination perfectly for about six months since I bought it.


      The graphics in bios graphics display startup, bios menu, and Windows 7 appear fuzzy enough to now be illegible/unusable.


      This behaviour occurs using both the dvi and hdmj ports hooked directly to my monitor which previously were sharp. Other devices connected using the same cable and ports are not fuzzy.


      I am using the DH77DF using

      BIOS Update [KCH7710H.86A]

      Updating to this bios did not resolve the issue.


      Can anyone please assist? I thought it might be a corrupt driver but the display is corrupt on bios screen and bios startup image prior to loading any OS

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          Well strangely enough,


              I powered the computer down for a day and this morning powered it on.  The graphics has gone completely back to normal.   I had restarted multiple times yesterday with a complete powered off shut down and the issue was not resolved yesterday.  

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            Hello jcpose,


            I did not fully understand if the issue is still present.


            I have seen abnormal graphics issues caused by memory, mostly in regards of compatibility. However, if that is not the case it might be necessary to cross test other basic components.

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              Hi Joe,


              The issue after powering down the computer for a day has gone away, and has not as of yet reoccured.  I am unsure what the resolution was at this time.


              If it happens again I will look at memory followed by basic components (at this point the only other components is a samsung 840 PRO Series SSD)


              My current memory configuration is Kingston LOVO 1.35V 2 x 8 GB