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    No Boot Drive Issues with Intel Chipsets

    Struddys IT

      We run a small business with around 20 computers. The majority of these are running on Intel core i processors on chipsets from 5, 6. Some of these are custom built, using different motherboard manufacturers; a few run SSDs, whilst others run regular HDDs. We also have some computers built by Dell using HDDs.


      There is a disturbing tendency towards the computer not finding a boot drive, regardless of HDD\SSD manufacturer, motherboard, or where the computer was built. It happens on different computers, frequently enough to be very frustrating. Often with the custom PCs, I can change the cable ports around, and the drive will be identified. It does however happen at the same frequency in the new Dell computers also.


      We never had this problem with boards based on the older Core (non-i) processors and motherboards. What's the deal?