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    Looking for a mother board


      I have a failing computer (acer). Only the bios logo apears. I like to buy a new motherboard, but i can't find a right one.

      The processor is pentium 4 HT 3200Mhz. SL7J7 socket lga775. current chipset 915.

      The processor and board compatibility tool has no results for SL7J7.

      How do i find the right motherboard.

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            Hi Pim,


            Unfortunately, the compatibility does not work for Pentium Prescott family.


            So your only option is to check the boards CPU compatibility one by one.


            Now when you are doing this, make sure to check the memory compatibility requirement and note down the minimum bios required in order for the particular CPU to work properly. Because some CPU needs a BIOS upgrade in order to work with certain boards.


            So far, i know that the board DQ965GF supports your CPU.


            All the best,




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              You have a proprietary box and that is going to make this a wild goose chase. With an OEM like Acer that have thousands of mb manufacturered to fix their unique boxes - so even if you did find a mb that will support the 775 socket and the 915 chipset you still could find out the hardway that the mb will not fit into the Acer box. Your best bet is to get a new mb directly from Acer by calling them. Otherwise, you could spend hours upon hours trying to find a solution to no avail.