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    Mobo code 21 DP55WG with new H55 corsair heatsink


      Hi i just installed a new corsair H55 watercooler heatsink and now i am receiving a code 21 on the mobo along with three long beeps. The beeps lead me to believe it is a ram issue but the code 21 has something to do with initializing a chipset component. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what/how to fix this? please and thank you!


      My specs:


      Mobo: DP55WG

      CPU: i7-860

      graphics: invidia GT460/PNY 610

      ram: ddr3 12gbs


      Unit was working perfectly fine. (and has been since i built it in 2009) I do not have AC in my apartment and noticed it was running really hot so i decided to upgrade the heatsink.

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          Hello Ilos,


          I recommend you doing the following steps:


          1. Clear the CMOS on your motherboard by disconnecting all the components from the motherboard and disconnecting the battery for about 20-30 minutes.
          2. If possible test another RAM memory.
          3. Please test just one memory stick on slot 1.
          4. If you use previous cooling solution, is the error coming up?