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    Poor Performance - Wireless 7260AC plus bluetooth

    Nathan Nankivell



      I have purchased an Intel NUC DC3217IY as a home theatre to stream my movies from my NAS box. I did have it connected toa wireless access point however recently installed the new 7260ac card.


      Since I have I am receiving between 1.5-2 MB transfer rate on 2.4g and around 1-1.5MB on 5g.  I was using the SAGAR drivers to get it working on Windows 7 Ultimate and yesterday I updated to the new intel drivers for Windows 7 - and there has been no change in performance. 


      What I have done to trouble shoot so far is:

      1. isolate the NUC (Ie disconnect every other device from the router) - no change

      2. checked with two laptops in the same spot as the NUC (both receive 6-7MB transfer)

      3. Reset the routher (Netgear DGN3700)

      4. Clean install of the driver

      5. Changed wi-fi channel on my router in case of any interference

      I am getting an error in the installation of Pro/Wireless software 'bsutilcs stopped working' and I get the option to close or search the web. I thought it had something to do with the blue tooth but not 100%.


      Has anyone got any suggestions other than buy a new card...............


      Thanks in advance