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    What to buy for a custom laptop?

      Okay, I´m in a bind as to what I should be looking for in a custom laptop.
      normally this would sound like a joke, I mean "oh, custom you say? just buy the best" Well that kind of thing won't help,
      What I´m searching for is a laptop that can suppor a heavy flow of data without crashisng after 15 minutes of use.
      What It's needed for:
      Video capturing and editing (including especial effects)
      Flash animation at frame by frame rate
      Audio capture abd edition


      Obiously I´ll need something with at least 250 Gb ofin the hard drive, as I´ll be keeping the proyects for record and further edition. I've been told that an intel procesor is my best bet, but I now that the procesor is not my only worry, as I need a decent RAM, Nvidia hardware, etc.
      So, if anyone can help I´ll gladly apreciate it.

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