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    EFI capable mainboards



      i am very disapointed, that my last question is still unanswered, so I do not believe much that somebody will answer this one, but its worth a try.

      my question is, if my 330 d945gcf2 or whatever its name is is/or will be/ capable for EFI. The point is, that 1.) EFI is cool 2.) the bios on that borard is totally broken, no usb keyboard support, no chance to change the boot order, no matter where you what choose it will stay the same, so its a shame and I even upgraded it and still have not fixed that issues. also the problem with 2 ide devices should be possible to solve by an EFI that works properly, because I believe that the BIOS is worth nothing on that system. its trash and should be replaced. possibly by EFI!

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          Hi Lars,


          To be honest, I asked this question last time. But no one answered me. I even asked this on the Intel Software Community, but i did not get any answer.


          Anyway, may be you can try this:


          Using Nero* Enterprise Edition to Burn EFI Visible/Bootable CD-ROMs
          Do the following to burn an EFI visible/bootable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM using Nero* Enterprise Edition:
          1. Start Nero Enterprise Edition.

          2. Close any wizard that pops up when the program started.

          3. On the top menu, click File > New for a new compilation.

          4. In the upper left pane of the New Compilation window, select CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

          5. In the lower left pane of the New Compilation window, select CD-ROM (EFI boot).

          6. In the New Compilation window, click the Label tab. Fill in the CD-ROM volume label information and any other relevant text you want on the CD-ROM. The top pull-down should say ISO9660.

          7. Click the New button in the New Compilation window, which should open a left-hand window pane with the contents of what will be burned on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. The right-hand pane should be the File Browser.

          8. From the File Browser pane, right-click on any files/directories you want and drag them to the left-hand pane.

          9. If you want the CD-ROM to be bootable, you must copy the boot file from the File Browser pane into the following directory and rename it as indicated:

          10. For Itanium®-based systems:  \EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA64.efi 

          11. For IA-32 processor-based systems:  \EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA32.efi

          12. After all the files have been copied to the left-hand pane, click the Burn button to burn the CD-ROM. The bottom bar will tell you how much of the CD-ROM will be used by the files that you have put into the left-hand pane or NEW FATISO1.


          Note: I cannot guarantee if it works. I will try also and will let you know probably next week.

                   It is not that easy to get hold of a Nero Enterprise older version. This version works only on Windows XP.


          All the best,




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            i dont use windows, nero and such praducts.

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              Hi Lars,


              Unfortunately,  i dont know any other way to do the EFI Boot on the Desktop Board.


              As i told you last time, i even ask this on the software community. Let me know if you get the answer.


              No answer.


              All the best,




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                where to get those

                10. For Itanium®-based systems: \EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA64.efi
                11. For IA-32 processor-based systems: \EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA32.efi


                ty a lot.