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    Use SSD as cache


      I recently bought a laptop, from ASUS and the model is S400CA. It says there is a 24G SSD in it used as the HDD's cache.

      I found this http://communities.intel.com/thread/34039 and here says "SSD cache or acceleration does not work under AHCI. If you like to enable this feature the computer requires RAID mode. If your computer model does not support RAID then, SSD cache is not supported."

      Therefore I checked if my laptop supports RAID mode, but I found that it only supports IDE and AHCI.

      only IDE and AHCI are available1.jpg

      But I also looked at the IRST panel, and I found that it says "Disk data cache: Enabled".

      Data Cache Enabled.PNG

      I wonder why exactly it can use the SSD as cache without setting to RAID mode. Can anyone explain to me? thanks.


      And, since the windows 8.1 is coming soon, so I would like to install it by myself, but I have never tried use an SSD as cache, so I wish to know what I should do before I reformat the hard drive (I want to re-partition it) and install the system. Like should I format the SSD as well? And how could I tell the system that I'm about to install (not sure if I should tell it before installing the system or later)?


      Sorry for my bad English.

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          Hello sy19890515,


          In fact, the acceleration mode will work on your system when having the chipset mode set as
          RAID only.


          In your case, since your computer shows at bios level IDE and AHCI only, my best recommendation
          is to contact the computer system manufacturer and verify with them if your computer supports the Acceleration option and if the RAID mode can be enabled at the bios level. 

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            I sent this question to ASUS as well, and they replied me this:


            For the problem, 24G SSD will be used automatically. There is no settings for it. It only for system cache.


            But this doen not solve my question, how does the computer "automatically" know how I am going to use the SSD? What if I wish to use it as a normal hard drive to install my system?

            They haven't replied me yet...

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              Hi, they replied. They said that I need to install the express cache so I can use the SSD as cache.

              Do you have any ideas about if it's true or not? And if it's true, how should I format the SSD?

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                Hello sy19890515,


                In order to use the SSD as cache to accelerate the system, the Chipset mode needs to be set as RAID. Without this the acceleration option will not be enabled.


                To be honest, I do not know what the Express Cache is from the manufacturer side but from our side the tool we use to accelerate the system is called Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and it allows the user to manipulate raids or configure the system for the acceleration.


                You can check more info about the Smart Response Technology at the following link:




                It is also important to say that the SSD works faster than a normal HDD but if you decide to use the SSD as a bootable disk or create partitions, the acceleration feature will be disabled.

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                  sy19890515: I found that the S400CA uses ExpressCache.  Hopefully you still have the original folder on the C: drive called "eSupport".  It had all the drivers and software.  I re-installed windows 8 and detailed the process at the below link.  See step 8 for ExpressCache.  Hope this helps!!