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    New DP35DP has flashing red light, won't power-up


      I built a machine with an Intel DP35DP motherboard, a quad-core Intel Q6600, 8GB of ram and four internal and 1 external sata drives.  It ran fine until I installed a Netgear Gigabit PCI ethernet adapter.  It would not boot after that.

      I replaced the mobo with a new DP35DP and it still won't start. When the power is connected and the machine is off there is a tiny red light flashing near the end of the DIMM 0 slot. When I push the power button, nothing happens. Does this indicate a power supply problem?  I saw a reference on the 'net to another board with a flashing red light and a problem with the 5v output was identified as being a bas psu.

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          Hi there,


          The power LED you are referring to is actually the status power led itself, which in normal sutuation should either be off is the system is switched off from power supply or on if power is connected to the system.


          But in your case, it is blinking red, meaning there could be something wrong with the power supply.


          Also since you have tried with another similar motherboard and it's the same, then it clearly indicates the power could be the cause.


          Make sure your are using power supply with satisfy the PSU requirements:



          Also, it is recommended to have a power supply with at least ATX Version 2.2 and for this board at least 300W or more if you are using more memory, add-on card and other components.



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            Thanks.  I replaced the 450W PSU with a 650W Antec Tru-power. I've never noticed the red led before, just the green one among the capacitors near the edge of the board.  Now the both come on when I trurn the psu on. The red goes out after a few seconds. When I power-up, both lights are on steady.  I understand you correctly, this is as it should be.