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    No POST with a DQ77KB


      I use a DQ77KB with i3 3220T CPU since april 2013 as a desktop PC and as a media center (with Linux Debian, XBMC, ...)

      One day without reason, when I came back, I saw the PC in shutdown state.

      When I switched it on : nothing except the power led and the disk led blinked two times. No beep, no video, no response from ethernet.


      The power adapter seems to be fine (19V with a multimeter).

      I have removed the SSD, switch / remove one RAM slot.

      I don't have another CPU so I can't try another one.


      I have try

      - to reset the BIOS : nothing.

      - to reset the MEBX : since then the power led doesn't turn on.


      So the current state when I switch on is :

      - power led off

      - disk led : nothing (there is no SSD)

      - ME_STATE Led : constantly on

      - Standby power Led : on

      - CPU Fan : on

      - No video

      - No beep


      The setup :

      - i3 3220T

      - one 4Go Crucial CT51264BF160B

      - I have updated the BIOS the 04/26/2013 so it should be in the version KBQ7710H.86A.


      What should I do ?


      For information :

      Serial Number : BTKB22600JYZ
      Stocking Id/Part Number : G40294-401