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    DH87MC 4x8GB DDR3/1600 ... CL9?



      I'm going to buy DH87MC + i7-4770 and I need 32GB RAM. I'm not sure if I can use CL9 because all memory-product finders (which knows this MOBO) offers just CL11.


      Choosing a right module from the actual offer in my region (EU/CZ) is very hard. I found official list of tested modules, but no one is available for me. I found several models and hope I'll find working one. I'm the most interested in:

      • KHX16C9K4/32X (or 2pcs of KHX16C9K2/16X)
      • KHX16LC9K4/32X (LoVo)


      But maybe the best choise will be A-Data (CL11) ...

      • AD3U1600W8G11 (selected by A-Data configurator)
      • AM2U16BC8R2 (similar to one tested by Intel)
      • AM2L16BC8R2 or ADDU1600W8G11 (LoVo, lot of submodels and no description: 2/B/R/S )


      Please anyone can give me a advice or suggestion? Thank you, cheers.