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    Notebook: Intel HM76 issue with HD4000


      Hi guys,


      I have an MSI CX70 Notebook with an i5 and GT 640 2GB graphics card, along with a built-in Intel HD4000 gpu.

      The proble that i am having is that Windows does not recognize my Nvidia Graphics card, it only recognizes the HD4000, even in dxdiag and in Aida64.


      Something that i have noticed when launching Aida64, the first thing that it said was "You have an unknown motherboard" so i am guessing this is the reason why the notebook does not recognize the GT640 (I could be wrong which is why im here asking you guys).


      I have asked the people at MSI forums and they haven't replied for about 3 days now.....


      I have tried reinstalling all the drivers, even completely reinstall Windows Ultimate x64.


      Any help is very welcome since i'm starting to lose hope with this issue

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          By the way the specs are:


          Intel i5-3210M

          Nvidia GT640 2GB

          8GB Ram

          500GB HDD

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            As per MSI your system might be using switchable graphics to be able to use the Intel(R) video controller and the third party video card from nVidia* (it seems to be called GPU Boost technology in their site).


            You can check on the Device Manager under display adapters to see if the two video adapters are listed there.


            If not, possibly your system might be set for power savings which could disable the nVidia* controller or the other video controller could be disabled at BIOS level.


            Try setting all power settings to full power, update the BIOS of your system and set BIOS default's and check with MSI if the issue persists. For BIOS downloads and drivers for your system you can refer to:

            MSI Global – Notebook & Tablet - CX70