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    Questions about Intel Server Board S1200KPR



      I have some questions about the Intel Server Board S1200KPR and i hope somebody can help me.

      I build a new Homeserver with the following components

      - Intel E3-1265Lv2

      - Intel S1200KPR

      - OS: Windows Hyper-V 2012 Core

      I would like to create RAID Arrays for my data. One RAID1 Array and One RAID5 Array.

      1. In the Download section for this board is a donwload called "Intel RAID Web Console 2". This is the same Software which is use with Intel RAID Controllers. Can i use this Software to connect  remotely to the OnBoard RAID Controller or is it only for use with Intel RAID Controller in PCIe Slots?

      2. Can i use a Intel RAID Controller (for example RT3WB080) designed for Intel Xeon E5 Prosessors with this board? I cannot find any Informations if this combinations is compatible.

      3. Anyone use this board with a RAID Controller? Which one?


      Kind regards