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    4th generation Core graphics : no deep color ?


      As CustomModeApp.exe interface for custom Iris Graphics resolution is limited to 32bpp, I am now wondering whether the 4th gen Core graphics is capable of 10bpc for a static image at full resolution, at least for HDMI , DisplayPort / ThunderBolt output.


      I read in Vol 1 datasheet section 2.5.1 :

      "Processor Graphics VGA Registers

      The 2D registers consists of original VGA registers and others to support graphics

      modes that have color depths, resolutions, and hardware acceleration features that go

      beyond the original VGA standard."

      yet section 2.7 says : "Intel FDI supports 8 bits per color only.

      Intel FDI is not encrypted as it drives only VGA and content protection is not

      supported on VGA."

      It is not clear to me how a VGA signal could be extracted without going via FDI.




      Section 2.6 describes the wonderful sink :

      The HDMI* interface supports HDMI with 3D, 4K, Deep Color, and x.v.Color. The

      DisplayPort* interface supports the VESA DisplayPort* Standard Version 1,

      Revision 2.

      It is not clear to me whether with 4 lanes the source would be capable of configuring, sending through pipeline, transcoding a deep color signal to DPAux, DDI ports B, C or D.


      Also if 32bpp can be conveyed (8 bits red, 8 bits green, 8 bits blue, 8 bits transparency), is there any way to convey 10 bits red, 10 bits green , 10 bits blue and forget the transparency ?


      What sections of the datasheet clearly explain the color depth that can be achieved at source level for a static image (e.g. a 16-bit png) to go to that nice sink ? Is there a better document ?


      Thanks !