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    Intel RST - Inserting an empty drive into the RAID1 removed data from the second drive




      I have an issue with Intel RST on Windows Embedded Standard 2009.


      I have a RAID1 array with two 500GB hard drives and one CF card as my system drive (only WES2009 and programs).


      The RAID is used for data storage and as the system is offline (no outside network connection) and embedded the way to extract the data is to remove one of the drives, copy the data from it, format it and place it in the machine again.


      Doing so (placing a formatted drive into the bay) instead of causing the data from the drive that stayed in the machine (which I considered to be the "master" disk) to be copied to the empty drive, removed all the data from the "master" disk.


      Is this a configuration error or am I missing something about the concept of how Intel RST is supposed to work in RAID1 mode?


      Would the behavior be different if the inserted empty drive was not the exact same one as was removed earlier?


      Thanks in advance for all the answers.