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    What low-end graphic cards can I use? PCI? CardBus? PCMIA? Confused..

    Razor Bwa

      Hello All!


      I have a Toshiba P105-S6004 laptop and I am running Windows 7 32 bit, 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo T2600 @2.1 GHz.


      Not impressive, but it's what I can afford.


      According to the  official system specs, the expansions options are:



      1 PC Card slot support 1 Type II, PCMCIA R2.01, PC Card16,


      ExpressCard slot supporting Ex

      pressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54


      According to the explanation from this link, I should be able to expand to PMCIA, Express Card or Card Bus 16.


      Also, the chipset: Intel 945GM, says that it can be expanded as well:


      PCI Express Revision1.1
      PCI Express Configurations ‡1x16

      , but isn't that for desktops only?


      If Card Bus 16 is the equivalent of a desktop, I can then use a desktop graphic card, or a graphic card at the very least, right?


      Or a PCI, PMCIA, some sort of graphic card, right?


      What starter graphic cards can I use? After I test it out, I can upgrade and go fancier.

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          Hello Razor Bwa,


          My best recommendation is to contact the computer system manufacturer and get from them a video card compatibility list. This is because we as Intel provide the hardware only to the computer system manufacturers and they will design their own systems including limitation to the chipsets.


          Due to this reason, we are not able to recommend a specific card for your OEM system and I am afraid to mention again that the computer manufacturer is the only one that can provide this information.