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    DG45ID Windows 2003 Install Error


      While loading the Windows 2003 on my system with the DG45ID, I keep getting a BSOD with irql_not_less_or_equal error. I'm sure it's with the motherboard. Can anyone help?

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          Hi there,


          You may need to check that all the hardware are compatible and working properly.

          Compatible Memory: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dg45id/sb/CS-029147.htm

          Compatible Processor: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=DG45ID


          Also make sure that the installation disk is also fine and not corrupted. You can also try with other operating system just to be sure whether it's the board or other components.


          If you are using any raid set up, please remember to load the F6 drivers during the operating system. Note: If there is no raid, this is not require.


          Moreover, the operating system is not compatible/supported on Intel desktop boards. Please try to use only supported operating system.

          Supported OS: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-008326.htm



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            Hi there,


            I forgot to mention earlier, if you are using Windows 2003 or Windows XP installation, they have to be at least with the Service Pack 2 included.



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              Hi there,


              Assuming that you have checked all the suggestions given by Unplugged, usually this error message is related to a certain type of memory module. It can be something else sometimes, so take a look at this link below:



              So far, i remember to have tried another steps.


              I downloaded all the drivers for the desktop board like chipset driver, video, sound, lan, raid F6 driver etc.

              Some of them you will be able to extract them using Winrar.

              Use a software called Nlite to slipstream all the extracted inf driver, thus creating a new Windows 2003 embedded with all the drivers for the board.

              Burn the new CD.


              Try to install the OS again.

              Useful link: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-029550.htm


              All the best,




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                I had a similar problem when I reloaded Windows 2003 on my DG43NB motherboard last week. During installation, I kept getting the blue screen of death about halfway through the setup process. I went into the BIOS and disabled dual core support. After that, I could load the operating system. I then applied Service Pack 2 and re-enabled dual core support. It worked. You may want to try this.

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                  Thanks guys! I will try these suggestions and let you know.

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                    i don't pretend to be an expert on building computers (considering the fact the first computer i built and got to work had an intel D945GCLF2 Motherboard with most of the parts already installed) but I am guessing the server OS might not be usable at all (Damn Intel not giving out server drivers for desktop boards) Now if it doesn't work with a different operating system (XP or Vista) I would say I want my money back! on a technical side, I would double check all the connecting cables and one other thought that came into my head. make sure you have it connected via ethernet cable to network. (when i built that first computer it wouldn't work till i had it connected to the router via ethernet).

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                      Works fine with 2003 ent r2, core duo e6300, 2x2 gb adata vitesta extreme, 2x750 WD Green 7200rpm, 32mb sata2 in mirror raid1....all xp drivers are fine except intel gma and pci simple communication controller, which i believe is the Intel® Management Engine Interface Driver heci thing ....

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                        My experience has been similar to Tyan's. While Server 2003 may need a little coaxing, I have been able to get good performance (in my case the DG43NB) by using the "XP" drivers. The "PCI Simple Communications Controller" issue is minor and easily ignored.


                        Having said that, I wish Intel provided drivers specifically for Server products, but the servers continue to hum along without complaning (and so I am not complaning).


                        Back to the original problem -- blue screen of death during Server 2003 install -- I believe there has been a BIOS update since the first message in this thread (there was for the DG43NB at least). Perhaps another try?

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                          Ready @ 100%



                          Chipset drivers and audio drivers can be installed directly via setup ...... lan driver can be installed manually, then use setup to install the extra features ....nice adapter with lots of features by the way ...... video driver is installed manually because setup doesn't support win2k3... so as the hdmi driver ..... ... intel matrix storage console supports win 2k3 so no drama ......  pci simple controller is Intel Managament Engine Interface ....  the setup doesn't work on win2k3 .... the driver works on 2000 and 2k3 but its support is disabled via driver ... inf ..... so open inf ..... rework it so the 2k3 part becomes the same as the winxp, install manually and voala ........ board is awesome for its money ......

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                            Great fix. Works like a charm!

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                              Im having the same kind of problems on my DG45ID, I tried your bios turn off advice but couldnt find the option on my bios.............bummer