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    Bluescreens and laggy System on Intel DX79SR




      A few weeks ago I had to build a new machine for Adiv MediaComposer / for our cutters.


      Basic Specs:

      - Intel DX79SR

      - Intel Core i7 3930K

      - 32GB RAM (GSkill 4x8GB modules)

      - Samsung SSD 840 256GB

      - Nvidia GeForce GTX 650i Boost

      - Win7 x64 Enterprise


      Over the last two weeks we had serious problems with that sys.


      1. Sporadic Bluescreens (always BluscreenCode 124). Somtimes even at bootup when Windows is loading.


      2. Laggy System aprox. every second time we boot the sys. It takes 5-6 Seconds to switch between browsertabs or explorer-windows and even to open the startmenu.


      3. One of the CPU-Cores ist always under full-load (100-98%). In Windows Task Manager it's the seventh of the 12 cores)


      4. sometimes at Powerup the system does not boot anything (blank black screen after the POST-Screen)


      Well - I really dont have any Idea what to do now.

      I have upgradet the USB 3.0 Firmwares, all drivers are up to date..

      BIOS is updated too


      Could that be a hardware failure?


      Best Regardes





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          Hello Mitras2,


          In order to find out if this is a hardware failure, we would need to run some basic troubleshooting.   These are some recommendations for this issue:


          1. Test the system out of the chassis, minimal configuration please. (Motherboard, processor, power supply, 1 memory stick and video card)
          2. Remove the CMOS battery and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-028780.htm?wapkw=clear+cmos+battery#datetime
          3. Add the SSD and try to boot up.
          4. Start adding one extra stick of memory at the time and try to boot up again using 2 sticks, then 3 and finally all 4 sticks.
          5. Then, continue adding one component at the time until you find the conflicting one.


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            Ziad Aghar

            Hi Mitras,

            In addition to what Sylvia told you which is great place to start since what you are having is related to a hardware issue "I had the same problem sometime ago" & this was also a great place to start:


            The system encountered an uncorrectable hardware error.

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              Sry - I have been away for quite a while now.

              Yesterday an today I have been trying to fix the Problem.


              I did not yet use the procedure sylvia told me.

              But I still found out some very interessting facts:


              1. If system hangs at bootup, it's while you can see the Intel POST-screen with bootcode "5A". In other cases it hangs at the blinking cursor after that POST-screen (befor Windows boots up)


              2. If the seventh core in Windows is at constantly 100%, the Tool "Process Explorer" tells me, that "Interrups (Hardware Interrupts and DPCs)" is causing that Problem. One problem with that is, that Interrups does not seem to have a PID and I cant kill it.

              But still - core #7 is not at 100% everytime i boot up. It seem to hapen at approx. 1/2 of the time I start the PC.


              The tool "LatencyMon" does meassure DCP execution times an reportes "ntoskrnl.exe" or sometimes "tcpip.sys" to be the guilty ones for delaying the DCP executions.


              Well - I tried fixing this with deleting and reinstalling Windows7 (till now without all the third-party drivers). Without the drives on the freshly installed Windows core #7 is still at 100%...


              Now i will install the drives and see what happens. I you have any ideas how to fix this, pleas post it.


              Kindest regardes


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                Maybe I just found another puzzle-piece in this problem:

                There way a Avid Mojo DX connected to that Computer with a PCI-E-connector-card.

                I just took the connector-card out of the PC and since than i clould not reproduce the "Interrupts"-Problem.


                I will update this post, if the Problem reapears even without the connector-card.