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    DZ87KLT-75K Problems (A6-40, BIOS updating)


      Hi there,


      I just recently updated to an Intel DZ87KLT-75K and am having a few problems. First of all, I can't update the BIOS to 0344, because if I do, I can not see the BIOS screen. My computer still boots just fine, however, when I try to get to BIOS setup, I cannot see the BIOS screen. I have read about some similar problems on ASUS boards, and they seem to say the video is having a handshake problem with the monitor, making the BIOS screen unreadable. I am having a similar problem. Also, like some other people, I am getting the A6 40 error code on my post code lcd. This seems to say that my main NIC isn't working, and I can make it work by 1: Going to the BIOS and saving and exiting, or 2: unplugging the computer and losing power to the motherboard. If anyone could provide some insight to these problems, that would be great.


      Some additional information:

      Newer monitors, 2 different resolutions, 1440p and 1600x900. Have tried both, 1 and the other. Both DVI connection

      AMD 7970.

      RAM is fine and tested.

      Have tried updating the BIOS both from the .exe and from the F7.

      Power supply is great, tested on 2 other machines.


      Also, was having problems with self-restart before I turned off "Wake from LAN" in the BIOS. Now don't have that problem.