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    Intel Support Community Website is Slow, Any Reason Why?


      Sorry to say Intel, but your Support Community web pages are very slow loading while simply browsing or changing between one sub-forum and another.


      I visit many different Internet web sites and forums, at various levels of professionalism, manufactures, retailers, PC forums, etc, and I must say the Intel Support forums are easily among the slowest to respond/download of any that I visit.


      The Intel Download Center has excellent response time IMO, and file downloads are among the fastest I've experienced. Large CPU datasheets download as fast as I can expect given my ISP's speed. Driver files and utility programs download faster than most if not all other manufactures that I have experienced. Those speeds are very consistent day after day, and I thank you for that.


      Product information is also very quick to download, such as CPU specifications, and any product related information.


      The several PCs I use all have Intel networking chips, or Intel network cards if the mother board has a non-Intel network chip. IMO they are the best for speed, stability, ease of use, and dependability. I use all wired copper connections, no wifi on my desktop PCs, and I am judging speeds on that basis only. The time of day does not seem to make any difference.


      Given Intel's leadership in microprocessor, networking, and solid state storage technology, I am not impressed with the Support Community's response time and download speeds. IMO it is the slowest part of Intel's Internet presence.


      Do others out there feel this way? What is your opinion about the download speed and response time of the Intel Support Community site? Is it fast, average, or slow?

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          Hi parsec,

          Thanks for posting about this. I just took over this week as manager for the support communities, so I really appreciate comments about what we can do better.


          I can see the slowness too, especially on the Support Community home page. I wonder if the slowness on that page is because of pulling from all of the different support communities at once. Most of the other community pages seem fast in comparison.


          For example, Intel® NUC, seems to load fast for me. Is this one slow for you or are you getting a fast load on that page?


          Thanks again for calling out the slow loads. I will definitely be looking into how we can speed up loading.


          Mark H